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Mobian Chronicles Ch.11
Outside Tech's house 12:28 PM
Streak was now able to see Tech's place a couple yards away.
He got to the frontyard and saw Tech, Neo, and Foofy staring at a pile of metal.
Streak: Hey! Whats so important?
Neo: Look for yourself.*points at junk pile*
Streak looked that way and noticed that the pieces of metal look a bit familiar.
Streak:O.O Oh...crap.
The pile of scrap metal was actually the remains of Hel-Hound.
Streak: Who the hell did this!!?
Foofy noticed a figure getting closer to them until it was clearly visible.
Foofy: I guess it was that guy.*Points at white hedgehog*
The hedgehog had red shoes, grey gloves and had lots of quills. He was staring down at them until he cracked a smile.
???: Well, this is quite a surprise. Who wouldve known that you guys have a connection with Streak.
Foofy: How do you know his name!?
???: I should be asking the same thing.
Foofy looks at him confused.
Neo: This guy is already pissing me off!
???: What is a low life like you gonna do about it? *la
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Thanks gift for FoofyBoo by martiigr5 Thanks gift for FoofyBoo :iconmartiigr5:martiigr5 1 8
Mobian Chronicles Ch.9
Diamond Memorial Hospital 12:50 PM
Since its been two days since the bank "incident", Streak decided to pay Sandra a visit...
Streak: Excuse me, what is the room number for Sandra The Hedgehog?
Nurse: Let me see...her room is 523.
Streak: Thanks!*rushes off*
He was looking for her room for 30 minutes until he gave up, he went towards the elevator and saw that her room was right next to it.
Streak: TT Man Im stupid at times...
He then slowly opened her room and saw her lying in bed with the tv remote in hand. She notices Streak and gives him a mean look as always.
Streak: Hi...
Sandra: What are you doing here?
Streak: Well...uh...I wanted to check on you.
Sandra: Im fine, now go.
Streak: If you're alright then why are you mad?
Sandra: Cause I have to be here for the rest of the week unless a relative or a mate comes to pick me up and I have no relatives and no boyfriend so whats the point.
Streak: And it sucks even more cause its still monday.^^
Sandra: You're so lucky I don't feel like
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Mobian Chronicles Ch.10
Streak's house 12:05 PM
Ding dong
Streak noticed that the doorbell was rung and he rushed to see who it was. He saw a white hedgehog with a black t-shirt  and white jeans with flames on them.
Streak: *Thoughts*please don't be crazy, please don't be crazy, please don't be crazy!
He opened the door and was surprised that she was completely calm.
Rina: ...Hi, is Sandra here?
Streak: Yes shes right over there.
He points towards the sofa.
Rina: Hey Sandra lets go!
Sandra: Ok.
She then gets up slowly and walks towards the frontdoor next to Rina.
Rina: Thanks for taking care of her for me.
Streak: No prob.^^
Sandra: Yeah thanks for everything.
She then kisses Streak on his cheek, which then became red hot.
Rina: Ok, bye.
Streak: Bye.
Sandra: Bye Streak!
They walk away to Rina's car and Streak closes his door. He fell face flat on the floor...
Streak: *Thoughts* Its about time she left! But It also wasn't so ba...
The phone rings...
Streak: Why now!? Why when I was gonna make an amaz
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Mobian Chronicles Ch.8
Streak's house 11:31 PM
Streak is laying on his bed on his bed motionless, reminding himself of the great power he can now posses.
Streak: Good  thing power doesn't go to my head. But still, its an experience I will never forget.
Streak: Is that the best you can do rusty!?XD
The robot blasted a few missiles and he dodged all of them and kicked one sending the missile straight to the robot.
Streak: Hmph...piece of cake.
*flashback ends*
Streak then noticed that someone was watching him from outside his window but then it immediately disappeared.
Streak: That stuff really is going into my head!!
*meanwhile in a random place*
???: He is still as foolish as ever, this will be easier than last time...
:iconshadzthehedgehog:ShadzTheHedgehog 2 20
Mobian Chronicles Ch.7
Tech's battle simulator 5:21 PM
Streak dodged every attack launched at him with pure ease. One of the speed type robots charged at him and made a fist aimed at his face, but he quickly dodged it and decided to guide most of the chaos energy into his right leg until it started glowing a white colored aura. He then countered the robot with a kick that pierced through the metal leaving the robot into two pieces. The last four robots got ready and before you know it...
Streak: Chaos Mirage!!!
Four Streaks appeared and obliterated the machines, then the room's lights turned on and Streak headed to the control room.
Tech: O.O I eyes.
Streak: sweat.
Tech: Dude you just blasted, tossed, and ripped some of my best robots!
Streak: Isnt that what they're for? For serious training that involves sweating, breaking, fighting, running, guarding and other stuff that I wont say cause cause the writer of this story is too lazy.
Tech: You're lucky I have robots that can fi
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Mobian Chronicles Ch.6
Tech's house 4:49 PM
Tech: Alright Streak, are you ready!?
Streak: Bring it baby!!
Tech turned on the large computer pad in his control room and set the level to 7. Tech is watching from a large glass window made with a material strong enough that can even resist a car crash.
Tech: Begin.
A bunch of robots charged towards Streak and with no hesitation he attacked.
One robot made a fist and threw a punch at him but dodged it and countered with a kick but it had no effect.
Streak:This is gonna suck.
*6 seconds later*
Streak: *Gets up* wha-what just happened?
Tech: You got knocked out.^^
Streak: You made it impossible to win!
Tech: No you just didnt have time to use any of your abilities.
Streak: I still would have lost.
Tech: Well let me give you all the results... first sonic got halfway through level 7, Silver lasted two seconds on level 8 before he ran away, Shadow made it to the end of level 8, and you...well lets just say you got OWNED.
Streak: Ok thats it! *he left the room and cam
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Mobian Chronicles Ch.4
Emerald Coast Bank 2:37 PM
Tech: I can see the bank!
Streak: Or whats left of it.
They both hit their brakes and jumped off and ran towards one of the officers to get some info on the situation.
Officer: Not so good, there is still one more civilian trapped inside and it seems that a wall of heavy debris is keeping us from reaching her, we have two of our men on it but they haven't come back.
Streak: Thats enough info, thankyou.
Tech: Come on we have to go help them!
Streak: Right!
Both of them ran inside the building and searched all over for them. Flames and smoke engulfed the building.
Streak: Where are they?
Tech: I see them! *points towards the two men*
They ran to the two men who were struggling with large pieces of debris.
Streak: Looks like you need our help.
???: Help!!
Streak: Stand back! I'll blow through this stuff. *positioning himself*
???: Ok.
Tech: You two should leave.
Firefighter: Thankyou.
Both men broke into a run.
Streak: Chaos!...
Tech:Wait Streak! I don't think t
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Mobian Chronicles Ch.3
Tech's house 1:05 PM
*ding dong* *ding dong* *ding dong*
Tech: Im coming!
Tech opens the door and finds Streak with a surprised look on his face.
Streak: FINALLY! Why does it take you so long to open your front door?
Tech: Well I was finishing my newest invention...oh I forgot, please come in.
Streak: Sure.
They both walked into the living room and sat on the couch.
Streak: So whats this new invention you're talking about?
Tech: Well its...
Streak: It better not have anything to do with that "DOG" of yours!
Tech: Don't worry.^^  You actually be amazed by this one.
Streak: Ok, so where is it?
Tech takes out a futuristic looking black and gold bracelet (a bit like SA2) from his file cabinet.
Tech: Here it is.
Streak: Yay shiny! What does it do?
Tech: Well, you remember when knuckles had to break one of the chaos emeralds to keep it away from Shadow?
Streak: Yeah, so?
Tech: Well I did some research on the emerald shards and I found out that the chaos energy from the emerald is b
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Mobian Chronicles Ch.2
Emerald altar 11:39 AM
Knuckles was standing right in front of Streak and he wasn't so happy.
Knux: Streak! What the hell did you do?!
Streak: Nothing I swear!
Knux: I told you all not to mess with my EMERALD!!
Then the mysterious light that came out of the Master Emerald vanished.
Streak: There, are you happy now? Creepy light's gone.
Knux: NO! That light could've been anything!
Rouge: It could even have been Chaos.
Knux: Who put YOU into this!!
Sonic: AAHH! Chaos is back! OH NO! Hide the children! *Runs in circles*
Rouge: Shut up.*Bitchslaps Sonic*
*Sonic falls on floor unconscious*
Streak: *Thoughts* Ok, just walk away slowly before knucklehead notices.
But when he turned around to leave he saw Knuckles staring down at him with an evil look on his face...muahaha!
Knux: And where do you think you're going?
Streak: *Starts sweating* Well...uh...home s-some errands to d-do.
Knux: Well then let me help you. ^^
Streak: O.O oh oh.
Knuckles grabs his head and literally threw him
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Me in super form by ShadzTheHedgehog Me in super form :iconshadzthehedgehog:ShadzTheHedgehog 1 9 Me in Hyper Form by ShadzTheHedgehog Me in Hyper Form :iconshadzthehedgehog:ShadzTheHedgehog 2 48
Mobian Chronicles Ch.1
Two years after Nazo was defeated in combat by our well known heroes Sonic and Shadow The Hedgehog, Mobius became a quite peaceful place. And what about Eggman you ask? Well hes gone after an accident happened in his "top secret" base when he was about to activate his newest creation Hyper Metal Shadic. But there were rumors that he had launched his final creation right before his base was engulfed in flames. But enough with this stuff and lets get on with the story.
Emerald Altar 11:32AM
Streak: What a perfect day to relax, right knucklehead?
Knux: Your'e lucky I don't feel like sending your ass to the moon.
Streak: Yeah yeah whateva.
Knux: Why you little...wait..wheres Sonic I could've sworn he was here just now.
Streak: Oh, hes over there talking to Rouge.
Knux:O.O WTF what is he doing with Rouge?
Streak:Don't know don't care, shes your girl.*Knux blushes*
Knux: No shes not!
Streak: Riiight.^^
Knux: Im gonna see what there talking about.
Streak: You go do that lover boy. XD
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Mobian Me 'Streak' by ShadzTheHedgehog Mobian Me 'Streak' :iconshadzthehedgehog:ShadzTheHedgehog 8 48 Streak 'Mobian Chronicles' by ShadzTheHedgehog Streak 'Mobian Chronicles' :iconshadzthehedgehog:ShadzTheHedgehog 1 68 Streak The Hedgehog by ShadzTheHedgehog Streak The Hedgehog :iconshadzthehedgehog:ShadzTheHedgehog 0 78
this is a team of people who love sonic and arent afraid to admit it!

if you want to join our little group,you must follow these guidelines: must be each of our best friends must talk to each of us about joining must be able to cope with each of us no matter how annoying we are must like rp'ing must be loyal to the group

6.your final judgement deciding if you can join or not will be decided by the current members,and you wont be able to join unless ALL the members agree to let you join

failure to follow these guidlines could mean not being able to join

ATTENTION MEMBERS!if someone asks you if they can join the group,send them to this journal

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